Saturday, January 18, 2014

Top Blogger: Toots

Ráda bych představila další mou oblíbenou blogerku, kterou je Becky z Doporučuji pro originální styl, spoustu pastelových barev (což je něco pro mně!), skvělých tipů na cenově dostupné oblečení a hlavně pro milovnice úžasného spodního prádla!
Za zmínku také stojí její Tumblr!
pozn.: Rozhodla jsem se, že nebudu překládat rozhovor do češtiny, protože je mi to prostě proti srsti. Každý se vyjadřuje jiným způsobem a já nechci kazit osobitý projev překladem do standartní češtiny.

"I'm Becky, also known as Toots and I'm a 21 year old Fashion Promotion student living in London. My blog fuses together my two loves: fashion and lingerie. It is a personal style blog, which is all done on a student budget so it is definitely a blog for bargain hunters!"

How is studying fashion in London?
Oh, it's wonderful. There's so much to take inspiration from and you're surrounded by creative people and there's new designers popping up all the time. I definitely feel more of an affinity with London than I have ever experienced anywhere else, London is much more accepting of those willing to experiment and do things differently. There's a lot of talent to compete with, but that's half the fun!

Which pieces of wardrobe would you love to own?
The one collection I always dream of owning is Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I am crazy about gingham and those pastel blues and pinks, so it's my perfect collection! More recently however, I would love to own some pieces from the new Saint Laurent collection. Some Vivienne Westwood shoes and bags wouldn't go amiss either!

Are there currently any fashion trends you like?
I've always been a lover of tartan, so I adore that trend. I'm really crazy about PVC also so the emergence of that in the high street is wonderful, and seeing how people are styling such a difficult fabric is also refreshing.

Where's your love for lingerie coming from?
I see lingerie as an extension of fashion. I think I am much more interested in luxury lingerie than I am in luxury fashion, most likely because it is more affordable. It's an amazing feeling having a really beautiful piece of lingerie on underneath clothes, as it's just for you! (And anyone else you want to see!). It makes me feel confident and sexy in a way I haven't experienced before.

How would you describe typical London street style from Londoner's point if view?
Unrefined is the best word. Londoners are very stylish but I think we have a certain knack for that effortless look without it looking scruffy. A lot of our street style comes from the working class, so it's not about money or brands.

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